Letter to the Brethren – September 8, 2015

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Dear Members, Co-Workers and Friends:

Since I wrote you last time, many gruesome, terrible and appalling events have taken place in the world. Modern warfare is continuing with ever-increasing vengeance, and many places, including in the Middle East, have become uncontrollable battle grounds. One of war’s many curses is the catastrophic migrant crisis with which Europe finds itself confronted, and more and more leaders acknowledge that they have NO real solution.

Of course, “solutions” are being proposed. President Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic announced the use of the army to expel migrants from the country’s borders, thereby resurrecting horrible images of East German soldiers patrolling the Berlin Wall. Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary wrote that his country was being “overrun” with refugees, most of which, he noted, were Muslims, not Christians, adding that Europe and European culture have Christian roots. We were also informed that Hungarian police halted a train packed with migrants bound for the Austrian border and tried to force them to disembark in a town with a detention camp.

The current Iranian leadership does not hide the fact that they are determined to annihilate the state of Israel—and America’s government stands idly by and watches powerlessly what Iran is attempting to do; in fact, it even engages in political propaganda for a deal with Iran which is senseless and which lacks any possibility of lasting success. At the same time, Europe views Iran as a lucrative source for business opportunities, while China’s economic situation raises many disconcerting questions.

The terrorist organization ISIS is steadily advancing and it announced their goal of conquering Jerusalem and Rome. Because of such perceived threats, some have concluded that ISIS is the “king of the South,” mentioned in the book of Daniel, pushing against Europe (identified as the “king of the North”). Others have claimed that ISIS or some other Muslim groups will produce the “Antichrist.” None of that is biblical.

However, we read that Rome will ultimately be destroyed by the modern “Medes” (Ukrainians and Russians), leading an alliance of several military nations from the Far East (the “kings of the East” in biblical terms), and it appears that Iran and perhaps other Muslim nations will also be part of that alliance.

The barbaric methods of Planned Parenthood and other organizations of like mind, committed to murdering innocent children through abortion in the name of scientific research, provide another example of a God-defying world which is held captive by Satan to do his will and believe in his philosophy of destruction. To give one horrible example in this context, it has been reported that orthodox Judaism mandates and requires the killing of an unborn child in the mother’s womb when the life of the mother is in danger, arguing that a fetus “threatening” the mother’s life is to be compared with a knife-wielding man who is about to murder someone, and that therefore the fetus must be destroyed.

In another piece of disturbing news, a Kentucky county clerk was held in contempt and sent to jail for refusing to violate her religious convictions. She had declined issuing  marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The judge found that her religious convictions cannot excuse her from performing “the duties that she took an oath to perform.”

Following the political re-interpretation of the US Constitution by the US Supreme Court, erroneously ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, this new case is further testimony of a country having completely lost its course. As feared, decisions are made AGAINST those who want to live by the standards of the Bible. Religious persecution in the USA is continuing dramatically. A legal opinion compelling someone to follow rules which did not exist when the person took an oath is very troublesome. It was that kind of reasoning which many Germans adopted when obeying orders of the Nazi regime, and many soldiers continued fighting for Hitler because they had initially taken an oath to follow their Fuehrer (which, of course, they should never have done).

Religious liberties and freedoms are “criminalized” in this country, as Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee put it. (Other Republican presidential candidates as well as conservatives and, of course, the left-liberal media disagreed and took the opposite viewpoint.) What will be next? Will maverick judges hold US citizens in contempt and jail them because they are opposed to fulfilling their “civil duty” of serving as jurors—punishing those who are convinced that they must obey the clear instructions of the Bible which prohibit judging and condemning others? Will conscientious objectors be incarcerated in case of the re-institution of the draft because sincere religious beliefs which are based on the Bible mean nothing anymore in the USA—a country which was founded on the principles of religious liberty and freedom?

There is more which could be said, but these examples should be sufficient to prove the terrible end times in which we are living. God’s people are called upon to come out of this world of sin and abomination, and to prepare instead for the wonderful world tomorrow. We are focusing right now on God’s annual Holy Days to be celebrated in the autumn, which symbolize the downfall and inevitable destruction of this present evil world, the banishment of Satan and the establishment of a better world under the rule of Jesus Christ—our soon-coming King, Lord and Savior.

This year, God’s people will celebrate the Feast of Trumpets on September 14; followed by the Day of Atonement on September 23; the Feast of Tabernacles from September 28 through October 4; and the Last Great Day on October 5. Since all days begin with sunset on the previous day, the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles begins with sunset of September 27, when we are gathering together in the evening for the Feast of Tabernacles’ opening service.

We have produced several free booklets which describe the annual Holy Days and the obligation of true Christians to observe them and to keep them holy. We will also distribute at the Feast sites at Pismo Beach (California) and Templin (Germany) copies of our newly printed 42nd booklet, titled, “Do You Know the Jesus of the Bible?” Others will receive their copy after the Feast.

Please make every effort to attend all services. Many sermons will be given, which will focus on the glorious future for us and for all of mankind. God’s Master Plan will be described in much detail. You would not want to miss even one message, and you should be encouraged and motivated to experience joyfully the rejuvenating fellowship with brethren of like mind. In the months and years ahead, our resolve and perseverance will be tested as never before. If you think that it is difficult now… think again.

This world is heading towards total self-annihilation, and the evil spiritual forces never sleep. They are continuously using human instruments to accomplish their demonic goal—the utter destruction of man. But God is mightier than all, and He does not sleep either. He is watching us to see where our priorities are. And the Father will send back His Son Jesus Christ to shorten the terrible days of the coming Great Tribulation, to prevent that all humans and animals will perish. We are told that we must become worthy to escape all these things which are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man when He returns (Luke 21:36).

Please pray for one another, and pray for this Work so that we can carry on mightily what we must do and accomplish. The harvest IS plentiful, but the laborers are few. So please pray that God sends laborers—truly dedicated servants—into His harvest.

We wish you all a very rewarding, uplifting and meaningful Festival Season.

Your brother in Christ,

Norbert Link