Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new member letter was written and posted on the Web. It will be sent out early next week, together with a copy of our new booklet, “Paul’s Letter to the Philippians.” In the member letter, the ministry is reporting on the Feast of Tabernacles and encourages all of us to take great notice of our individual and collective commission.

A new StandingWatch program was posted last week on YouTube and on our Web site ( It is titled, “The Arab Spring – A Nightmare?” Will the warm and cozy Arab Spring end up in a cold and foreboding Arab Winter? Will we see the rise of intolerant Islamist regimes? What is the future for Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria? Will the West be forced to intervene again militarily in the Middle East?

A new StandingWatch program was posted this week on YouTube and on our Web site (, titled, “Religion and Politics-an Unholy Alliance?” USA Today published an article on November 7, 2011, arguing that the present version of our Christian politics is corrupting our Christian faith and encourages politicians to use God’s name in vain. The article concludes that it drives many away from God. And it is true that churches today have no jurisdiction to enforce any laws of God. Given the confusion as to what is still binding spiritual or moral law, and what constituted temporary ritual laws and provisions for the ancient nation of Israel under Moses, we can be thankful that in the USA, church and state are separate. European history provides ample testimony as to what happens when a church rules a state.

Norbert Link’s video-recorded sermonette, “The Hebrew Calendar,” was posted on YouTube and on our Web site ( Why are we following the current Hebrew Calendar in order to be able to observe the annual Holy Days in their proper times? Why doesn’t anyone else have the God-given authority to devise their own calendar? Why does the rejection of the Hebrew calendar constitute a lack of faith in the power of God Almighty?

Norbert Link’s video-recorded sermon, “How to Look at God’s Laws, Part 2,” was posted on YouTube and on our Web site ( Many wonder how to apply God’s laws today. What about the Ten Commandments, the annual Holy Days, sacrifices and washings, laws of national warfare, marriage to the sister-in-law after the brother’s death, certain penalties for wrongdoing, wearing tassels, touching dead bodies, circumcision, cross-dressing, wearing garments of different sorts, or sowing different kinds of seed? How can we know the answer?

A new German sermon was posted on YouTube, titled, “Christi Herrschaft auf Erden” (“Christ’s Rule on Earth”).

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