Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Our new booklet “Middle Eastern and African Nations in Bible Prophecy” has been printed and will be distributed at our Feast of Tabernacles sites in California and North Wales. Our Feast newspaper is nearing completion and will likewise be distributed at our Feast sites.

Brian Gale is writing the new member letter for September. It should be ready for posting by the middle of next week.

Norbert Link’s video-recorded sermon, “What Would Be Jesus’ Vote?” was posted on YouTube.

A new German sermon was recorded and posted this week. It’s titled, in English, “What Mark Teaches Us.” This sermon addresses the life of Mark, his challenges and his victory.

We are quickly approaching the fall Holy Day season for 2012: September 17 (Monday) is the Feast of Trumpets; September 26 (Wednesday) is the Day of Atonement; October 1-7 (Monday through Sunday, with observance beginning the evening of Sunday, September 30) is the Feast of Tabernacles; and, October 8 (Monday) is the Last Great Day.

Talent Show and Dinner Dance

For those attending the Feast of Tabernacles with us at our Pismo Beach, California, location, several activities have been planned. One will offer an opportunity to participate in our Talent Show. If you can sing, play an instrument or otherwise contribute to this event, please contact Kalon Mitchell right away. He can be reached at

The theme for the Dinner Dance will be “Animation.” Dress up as any cartoon or Disney character, or anything that has that animated look to it, full costumes, masks, whatever you desire. When it comes to decorations, we’re leaning more towards that Disney look/feel, like centerpieces for the tables, posters, balloons, props, cardboard cutouts, etc… If anyone has ideas, questions, any way to contribute, please share with Michael Link at Children of ALL ages welcome, and since we’re all children, we’re all going to have a blast… so get ready.

If you have not yet sent your response regarding the Dinner Dance buffet, please do so at your earliest convenience, by emailing it to

A reminder for those wishing to attend the Feast of Tabernacles with us for 2012–please review details posted on our website under the “FEASTS” heading. Our locations for this year are Pismo Beach, California, and Deganwy, North Wales.

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