Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new member letter has been written by the church ministry with reports from our two Feast sites–Pismo Beach, California, and Deganwy in North Wales. In this letter–along with reports for future plans regarding new Feast locations and next year’s Church Conference–we reflect on the terrible conditions this world faces as the time of great tribulation grows ever closer. This letter is available to read/download at our website.

Norbert Link recorded a German sermon, titled, “The end of Captivity,” addressing the end of the slavery for Israel and Judah, after Christ’s Return.

“USA—Global Power in Decline,” is the latest StandingWatch program–here is the summary: The October 22, 2012 presidential debate on foreign policy—which happened 50 years after John F. Kennedy’s Address to the Nation on the Cuba Missile Crisis—did not bring anything substantially new, except this: The two candidates revealed a global power on the decline and a crisis for a great nation, with foreign policy having to take a back seat for the USA in the future. In light of the highly praised but totally misunderstood developments of the Arab Spring, this vacuum will be filled. And it is Germany as the leader of the EU, which will fill it. But that is not good news.

Also, the recent sermon, “Satan Is Alive,” given by Norbert Link, has now been posted on YouTube.

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