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We are pleased to announce the launching of our newly refreshed AufPostenStehen site: This is the culmination of work by our technology team, and it will greatly facilitate our web presentations in Europe and specifically among the German speaking audience.

“The Christmas Tree’s Origin” is the title of our newest StandingWatch program. In this presentation, Evangelist Norbert Link challenges our acceptance of practices that actually are rooted in blatant paganism–here is a summary: Perhaps the most cherished Christmas custom of all is the Christmas tree. But did you know that the Christmas tree was a pagan object of worship long before the birth of Christ? Pagans believed that their gods were living in and actually changed into pinetrees. Does the Bible speak about Christmas trees? And if so, does it approve or condemn the custom of decorating pine trees at Christmas time?

“Der Ursprung des Weihnachtsbaumes” is the German language version of this program and it is posted at

“Don’t Keep Christmas” is a booklet we have produced which goes into even more detail on the topic of Christmas observance. Following are quotes from the Introduction:

“Were you shocked when you read the title of this booklet? Was your first thought that the publishers of this booklet either embrace a non-Christian faith, or that they are atheists? Surely, a person calling himself Christian would not possibly suggest to NOT OBSERVE such an important Christian holiday, you might say.  After all, it celebrates the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!  Or, does it?  Have you ever questioned the validity of Christmas?

“Is Christmas a biblically commanded festival? Does the Bible even mention Christmas? Where did Christmas and its customs originate? How did Christmas become a Christian festival? What do Christmas customs have to do with the birth of Jesus Christ? And finally, what does God have to say about the celebration of Christmas? Does it matter to Him whether we keep Christmas? Does He approve of it? Or does He condemn it?  The answers may astound you!”

A new German sermon was recorded this week. The German title, “Gott Wird Herrschen” would say in English: “God Will Rule.” This sermon covers the concept as to how the Gentile nations will look for and seek Christ in the Millennium.

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