Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

The new StandingWatch program is titled, “A World Without School Shootings and Gun Violence–How?” Evangelist Norbert Link offers challenging answers from the Bible–here is the summary: After the horrific mass murder of schoolchildren and adults in Connecticut, the issue of gun control was raised again. Many countries condemn America for its gun culture in a most hypocritical fashion. Pastor Joel Olsteen refused to take a position on the matter, as he felt it was a political issue that divides people. However, the question pertains to the very core of true Christianity. Will we ever experience peace on this planet? The answer is, Yes, indeed, but not in the way that most people think or expect.

This program will alsobe broadcast on radio, beginning Sunday, January 13.

“Neujahrsfeiern—Nur Harmloser Zeitvertreib?” (“New Year’s Celebrations—Only Harmless Amusement?”) is the title for a new AufPostenStehen program which reveals the non-Christian origins of New Year’s celebrations.

“Neu! Abrahams Wachstum im Glauben, Teil 2” (“New! Abraham’s Growth in Faith, Part 2”) is this week’s new German sermon. In this presentation, Mr. Link discusses the dream in Genesis 15, the incident with Hagar in Genesis 16, also in the context of polygamy, another covenant in Genesis 17, and the beginning of the visit of Jesus Christ and two angels in Genesis 18. The main emphasis of the sermon is the need to grow in faith.

Our brethren, who assemble for Sabbath services in Germany, are able to connect at times via SKYPE (that is, through a video transmission) with several other scattered brethren and prospective members to allow all an opportunity to “meet” together.

In addition, please note that live services are broadcast in the U.S. each Sabbath and can be accessed through our website– We have meetings in Ramona, California; Woodburn, Oregon; Fort Collins, Colorado; Summerland, BC (Canada); and we conduct services in England. Members also participate in the Chat Room that is associated with our Internet transmissions. If you desire more information, please contact us.

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