Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

An initial, verbal agreement has been reached for a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles location in Vail, Colorado, following an on-site tour of the facility by David and Peggy Harris. We will let everyone know more details following completion of a contract.

Our new booklet, “Biblical Prophecy—From Now Until Forever,” has been posted on the Web. Hard copies for distribution will be sent next week to our offices in Canada and the United Kingdom. Hard copies will also be sent out next week to our subscribers in the USA, together with the new member letter for March.

Norbert and Johanna Link are scheduled to fly to Germany on March 10th, 2013. They will visit with the attorney commissioned to register the Church in Germany, inspect the Feast site in the Black Forest and finalize the arrangements with the hotel, and visit with new people who have shown interest in the Church. Baptism counseling for several prospective members have been scheduled, and new baptisms are anticipated. A public indoor pool has been reserved for this purpose. During their stay in Germany, Norbert will conduct Passover services as well as services on the three weekly Sabbaths and on the two Holy Days. It is also planned to video-record the Sabbath and Holy Day services for subsequent posting on the Web. Norbert and Johanna are scheduled to return on April 2.

Brian and Jill Gale will be leaving England to arrive in California on March 19th, 2013, to visit the brethren in Southern California. Mr. Gale will conduct Passover services in Ramona, California, as well as give sermons during his stay–which will be until April 23rd.

Rene and Delia Messier are traveling from Canada to Woodburn, Oregon. Mr. Messier will conduct Passover services and give a sermon on the First Day of Unleavened Bread.

As previously announced, our annual Church conference will be conducted in Colorado, from April 12 until April 16, 2013.

“Easter Customs and Jesus Christ,” is the title of our newest StandingWatch program–presented by Evangelist Norbert Link. Here is a summary: What is the origin of Easter and its customs? What do Easter eggs and the Easter bunny have to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? When did Christ die, and when was He resurrected? Did you know that Easter is not only a pagan festival, but closely connected with a belief in communication with demons?

This program will also be broadcast on radio for two weeks, beginning Saturday, March 23.

“Neu! Christi Erstes Kommen, Teil 1,” is the title of this week’s German sermon. It’s the first part of a two-part series on Christ’s First Coming. It covers His birth, the death of Herod, Christ in the temple as a 12 year-old boy, and Christ’s public ministry, discussing events from 27 AD until 30 AD. The second part will cover the events in 31 AD. (These two sermons will also be given in English during the next two Sabbath services in the U.S.).

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