Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

New StandingWatch programs along with one for AufPostenStehen have been recorded by Evangelist Norbert Link–here are titles and summaries:

“America and Germany in Prophecy“: What are the signs for Christ’s return? Are the developments in America and the Middle East, as well as in Germany and Europe, of any biblical importance? What did President Obama’s visit in the Middle East really show, and why should we take great note of the events pertaining to Cyprus? Will you be unprepared when terrible events strike the earth?

“Deutschland und Amerika in der Prophezeiung” is the title of the German language version of this program available for viewing at.

“Margaret Thatcher’s Unique Legacy”: Margaret Thatcher died on April 8, 2013. She was the greatest British leader since Winston Churchill. She was able to restore Britain to temporary greatness. But after her resignation as Prime Minister, Britain returned to its path of steady decline, and no leader has risen since then who would have been able to reverse the trend… nor will there be any such leader prior to Christ’s return. What DOES the Bible say about the future of the UK?

“Jesus Christus, der Menschensohn!,” is the title of a new German sermon, which deals with Christ’s first coming as the Son of man. “Jesus Christ, the Son of Man!,”  is the English translation, and this is part of a series. The next installment will discuss Jesus as the Son of God and also address the false doctrine of the Trinity.

A new English sermon from last week’s Sabbath services has been posted, titled, “Vengeance and Revenge.”

The yearly conference of the Church of the Eternal God, Global Church of God (Great Britain) and Church of God a Christian Fellowship (Canada) will be conducted starting April 12 and continuing through April 16. Meetings and activities will be held in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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