Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Our new booklet on the Mysteries of the Bible has entered the first
review cycle. It is planned to use this (shorter) booklet as an
introductory piece of literature for new(er) people.

The UK have
been running a renewal program in January for those receiving Updates,
member letters and audio sermon tapes. One letter received stated the

“Dear Friends, in returning the renewal form, I
thought I would tell you with what enthusiasm they are received (the
Updates). First they are read by me–every word–with avidity. I
recognise that the news reported upon is meaningful news–news which
pertains, in my view, to the end-time. I do not take a daily newspaper
because just looking after myself seems to be all that I have time for,
being now 80. One slows down! After I am done with the Update, I pass
it on to a lady who has a special interest in Israel, but who, since
getting the bulletins, seems to have become interested in European
developments, too. She, in turn, is in touch with a group which I
believe meets together to study matters concerning Israel. Armed with
this information in the Updates, I am sure her contribution to the
meetings is significant. Do the ripples stop there? Who knows? I can
only tell you what I know. May God’s Will be done, and may the Lord
Jesus Christ return soon. Yours with much appreciation and thanks.”

We received this memo from The Philippines:

“We [received] the booklets and thank you. Thank you also for updating
us weekly. I am using these updates every Sabbath every time we gather
together after breakfast and discuss whatever I’ve read in your column
during our bible study with my family and friend. Also we appreciate
the tapes you sent us. [Name] also wanted to duplicate some of them for
distribution to some scattered members. You know there are some
families and individual members still keeping the commandments and
feast days of God here in the Philippines who don’t want to join with
any affiliated church group. Again thank you very much!”

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