Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

We are saddened to report that Donald W. Hobbs, a long-time member
of the Church of God, died peacefully on Sunday, October 1. Mr. Hobbs
was 89 years old. He resided in Texas with his daughter and his
son-in-law. His daughter wrote us that Mr. Hobbs was hospitalized for 2
weeks, but he had no pain. He was just weak. His daughter added: “He
loved all of you very much… You were his last church home.”

Lois Nelson wrote:

all, I wanted to send a note to tell everyone thank you for the
beautiful cards sent during our recent months of grief and illness.
Also, thank you all for the card and photo of the beautiful little
flock in San Diego that was sent during the Feast of Tabernacles. From
the Update it sounds that this was the best Feast ever!  My ribs
are finally well, but I have to be careful what I pick up. I didn’t get
a chance to say thank you for the delicious treats that we received
prior to the Feast, but I’m saying thank you now. That was a thoughtful
gesture and oh so delicious and cute!”

We received a beautiful card from our member in Kenya, Cege Muinamia. Cege wrote on his behalf and on behalf of his family:

my brothers and sisters in the land of Manasseh: Brethren, by the time
you receive this card you’ll have joyfully kept the 2006 F.O.T., so
congratulations for accomplishing that.”

We received the following note from Raymond and Eve McNair:

Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Your card of Feast greetings was very
encouraging to us. Our time at home during this Feast was enjoyable as
we shared it with visitors and enjoyed the many thoughtful gifts of
love sent to us. We look forward to the time when none of us will be
alone and we will be with Christ serving Him and teaching those what
God has taught us. During this time we must stay focused and stay the
course. May God continue to be with you all. In Christian love.”

member letter for November is being prepared by Norbert Link and should
be mailed out next week. We will enclose a copy of our new booklet, “Teach Us To Pray,”
for those who did not receive it at the Feast sites in the USA and
England. The English subscribers already received their copy.

Our new booklet on suffering will enter its last review cycle shortly.

A new StandingWatch program is scheduled to be recorded on Friday.

The German translation of our booklet on “Mysteries of the Bible” will be posted shortly on our different Websites in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Germany.

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