Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new StandingWatch program was recorded, titled, “Why School Shootings?” Set forth below is a brief summary of the program:

is in shock. This week, an 18-year old man went on a rampage and shot
over 30 people at his former high school in Germany, before killing
himself. Subsequently, two other high school students were arrested who
had threatened to repeat such atrocities. Why are we hearing about
those terrible incidents? Some German politicians and experts claim
that violent videogames and the fascination with weapons are the main
causes for such incidents. But could it be that other causes are being
overlooked or ignored?

Our new booklet, “Human Suffering–Why…
And How Much Longer,” has been finalized and will be sent shortly to
our printer in England.

The video-recorded version of Norbert Link’s latest sermon, “The Book of Ezra, Part 1,” was placed on Google Video (The audio version was placed, as usual, on our Web site).

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