Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Our new booklet, “The Meaning of God’s Fall Holy Days,” has entered the second review cycle.

A new member letter has been written and will be sent out early next week. In the letter, Norbert Link discusses the need to cope with problems and to resist Satan the devil, who is filled with destructive rage.

This week, we sent out the following announcement regarding our 120th StandingWatch program:

“Is Russia a Threat?

“In light of Russia’s most recent brutal crack-down on opposition protests, the German and European press used strong words of condemnation. It was stated that Russia is not a democracy; that its course is miles away from Western values; that Russia cannot be a strategic partner for Europe; and that Europe should keep its energy dependence on Russia as low as possible. What do these developments mean, and why should YOU be concerned?

“View it now on Google or StandingWatch.”

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