Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new member letter by the ministry was sent out this week, and it is also posted on the Web. In the letter, the ministry is reminiscing on the Feast of Tabernacles in England and Arizona, while reflecting on the months ahead. A copy of our new book, “Is That in the Bible?–The Mysteries of the Book of Revelation!” was enclosed in the mailing for all those who had not already received their copy.

A new StandingWatch program was posted on StandingWatch, Google Video and YouTube. It is titled, “No Way Out of Worldwide Financial Crisis?” In the program, Norbert Link discusses the following: Even though governments try to deal with the worldwide recession and looming depression, it seems to get worse by the day. Now we are told that we should not expect any relief for several years–if at all. The USA and Britain seem to be the leading casualties in the crisis, which has been called by financial experts as a “once-in-a century credit tsunami” and “the worst financial crisis in human history.” Bail-out plans and guarantees are not even meant to provide lasting solutions. Why is that? What brought us into this unparalleled mess? And are there really NO solutions at all?

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