Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Our new booklet on Paul’s letter to the Galatians has entered the first review cycle. The booklet presents a verse by verse Bible study of Galatians, and includes additional chapters, discussing the little-understood concepts of Justification, Righteousness and Salvation. This will be our thirtieth booklet so far.

This week, YouTube was temporarily unable–we assume, because of technical problems–to show our most-viewed German AufPostenStehen program on the Swine Flu, Die Schweinegrippe–was man uns nicht sagt! which was recorded and posted more than six months ago. In the meantime, the problems have apparently been solved. By now, the program has been viewed in excess of 11,500 times. 

Our most-viewed American program, “Coming–The Great Depression,” which was recorded and posted over a year ago, has by now been viewed approximately 31,300 times.

As of now, 28 German-speaking viewers have subscribed to our German AufPostenStehen programs, and 256 English-speaking viewers have subscribed to our StandingWatch programs.

A new German sermon, entitled, “Wieso starb Christus für SIE?” [“Why did Christ die for YOU?”] was posted on the Web. It discusses the nature of sin; that every man sinned and still sins; that only Christ did not sin; that He was the Lamb of God who came to carry away our sins; and that we can obtain God’s forgiveness, which requires repentance, faith, and baptism. The sermon also emphasizes that Christ makes us righteous today, by living in us.

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