Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new StandingWatch program was posted on the Web, titled, “Soon–All Nations Against Jerusalem?” In the program, Norbert Link asks and answers the following questions: Will the Jews begin soon to offer sacrifices and build a third temple on the Temple Mount? Is former New York mayor and Democrat Ed Koch correct when he warns that it is President Obama’s policy to create an alliance with Arab states against Israel? And what is behind Muammar al Gaddafi’s concept of a new bi-national state, called “Isratine,” and Egypt’s attempts to rally U.N. support against Israel?

A new German sermon was posted on the Web. It discusses the love of the Father and of Jesus Christ towards us, and the injunction to  us to manifest that some love towards others, even and especially during times of trials and suffering. It is titled, “Gottes Liebe im Leid” (“God’s Love in Trials.”)

We received an offer from YouTube regarding our “very popular [German] video” on the swine flu, Die Schweinegrippe–was man uns nicht sagt! giving us the opportunity to sign up for their partnership program and receive money with every viewing. Of course, we are not accepting the offer, but are happy about the attention we are receiving.

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