The Fall of Jericho

Moses had died. God had not used Moses to bring the people into the Promised Land. Rather, a new leader — Joshua — was sanctified by God to do so. The fall of Jericho has great prophetic and symbolic meaning for us today. Jericho fell on the last day of unleavened bread, after the Israelites had been “baptized” in the river Jordan, had been circumcised, had eaten the Passover, and had circled the city of Jericho for seven days — beginning with the first day of unleavened bread. The fall of Jericho and the conquest of the Promised Land do not just stand for coming out of sin, but they also include entering into God’s righteousness. The events surrounding Jericho’s fall also show God’s warning to this world for 6,000 years, and they symbolize the destruction of this present civilization — modern “Babylon” — and the beginning of the Millennium.

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