Netanyahu Is Here to Stay… Why?

An important deal has been reached in Israel with wide-ranging prophetic consequences. Why is this deal so significant in regard to Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, as well as events which have been prophesied thousands of years ago in your Bible?

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The Love of Money

How does God look at money? Is He against riches? In this sermon, we will cite Scriptures which speak positively about the right use of money, but we will also address the wrong use… and that especially in the religious context.

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FBI’s Recommendation in Clinton Scandal Suggests Corrupt and Rigged System

Regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified E-mail information on her private unsecured E-mail servers, the FBI has determined that she not only repeatedly lied to Congress and the public, but that she also acted with extreme carelessness or gross negligence and thereby violated the Federal Penal Code and committed a crime under the Espionage Act. Still, FBI Director James Comey recommends not to prosecute Mrs. Clinton; thereby raising questions pertaining to former President Bill Clinton, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Barack Obama. Many are outraged and claim that the rules of law were purposefully re-written for the Clintons. Evangelist and Attorney Norbert Link explains why this entire dubious affair is another example of terrible corruption within the USA.

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