Haunted Houses and Ghosts during Self-Isolation?

Being confined for an extended period of time to self-isolation and quarantine can have a devasting psychological effect on some people. But can it even cause imagined or real paranormal encounters with ghosts, as some claim?

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Comments on News and Prophecy (December 8, 2018)

We are discussing the ongoing desperate attempts by Theresa May to convince the British parliament to adopt her Brexit deal on Tuesday (December 11) as well as further meetings of the EU on Thursday, December 13. We are also addressing the surprise but slim victory of Annegret Kramp-Karrenberger (AKK) in Germany, replacing Angela Merkel as leader of the CDU, and the difficult task ahead of her to unify a deeply divided party. While many commentators feel now that Angela Merkel could remain Chancellor until 2021, this is rather doubtful. Who will succeed Merkel?

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