Sexual Relationships—Everything Goes?

The “sexual revolution” of the last century has taken its toll. What was once looked upon as evil and wrong is now considered to be good and acceptable. In this program, we will discuss facts and statistics about marriage, adultery, cohabitation and the LGBT movement. This program might shock you… or maybe not. But please ask yourself: What does the true God of the Bible say about the modern “sexual liberalization”?

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Rebellion in the Christian Church?

The results of a worldwide survey for Catholics reflect a devastating disagreement between teaching and practice. This can also be observed in most other churches in mainstream Christianity. But who is right, and who is wrong? Is it right or wrong to divorce, to use contraceptives, to have sexual relationships outside of marriage, or to endorse abortion, self-sex marriages and homosexual practices? While Pope Francis is viewed as a reformer, retired Pope Benedict is “the fixed star of the traditionalists” in the Catholic Church, “setting the standard” for them today. What does this all mean, also in light of the prophesied “false prophet” to manifest himself within traditional Christianity in the next few years?

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