Trying to Appease Russia?

Many desperate attempts are being made today to appease Putin’s Russia. Will any of these attempts succeed? What does the Bible prophesy about the future relationship between Russia and the EU, Ukraine, the Roman Catholic Church and the USA?

Comments on News and Prophecy (December 1, 2018)

In this edition, we are addressing new developments in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict; the G-20 summit and President Trump’s cancellation of a press conference because of respect for the death of George H.W. Bush and his refusal to meet with Vladimir Putin and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman; the military collaboration of Germany and France because of Brexit; Germany’s public support for increase in defense spending; different viewpoints of Americans and Germans in regard to the US-German friendship; the economic consequences of a border closure between the US and Mexico; the many recent earthquakes in Alaska; and the reasons as to why a prominent writer left the Catholic Church.

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G-20—Weak America Replaced by Strong Europe

Most people in the USA and elsewhere are totally asleep and don’t realize what is happening on the world scene. While appalling violence is taking place in Germany’s streets during the G-20 Summit, most world leaders are distancing themselves from Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. While America has clearly abrogated its leadership role, the political and economic vacuum is being replaced by other powerful nations and power blocs, including Europe, China and Japan. Do YOU really understand what this means, or are you also living in spiritual darkness?

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