Is God Punishing the USA?

For years, we have announced that the USA will fall, and more recently, that this fall is imminent. Now, a remarkable new article in the Jerusalem Post is contemplating the same development, while raising the question about whether God may have something to do with it. In this program, we discuss this possibility in more detail.

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Civil War, Violence and Misery in the USA

Is the United States going to experience another Civil War in our days? Alarming signs point at that possibility. This program explores the reasons for these frightening developments, and points at illuminating passages from the Bible.

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Is There No Solution to Violence and Mass Shootings?

Within the last few days, terrible mass shootings have occurred in the USA, and we also hear about more and more insane violent attacks throughout the world. Why is this happening, and has the Bible forewarned that those atrocities will take place in the last days?  Is there no hope and no solution? But if there is, what is it?

Did Jesus Resort to Violence?

Did Jesus approve of killing in war? Would He support the changed purpose of Armistice Day to that of Veteran’s Day? Would He agree with the idea of bringing weapons to church services? Did He ever commit violence towards anyone? What can WE do to protect ourselves? Are guns the answer?

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