Why the Devastating Floods in Europe?

CBS wrote on July 16 that “the scale of the disaster is unlike anything the area has seen in living memory—the worst deluge recorded in the region in more than 200 years…” Newsmax added on July 21 that thousands are still missing who are most likely dead. But why do disasters like these happen? Is it because of man-made global warming, or is the real cause overlooked? And once the cause is identified, do people respond and react in the right way?

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Is There No Solution to Violence and Mass Shootings?

Within the last few days, terrible mass shootings have occurred in the USA, and we also hear about more and more insane violent attacks throughout the world. Why is this happening, and has the Bible forewarned that those atrocities will take place in the last days?  Is there no hope and no solution? But if there is, what is it?

The Spirit of God, of Angels, of Man and of Animals

The Bible teaches the existence of a human spirit, a spirit in animals, created spirit beings such as angels and those who became demons, and the Holy Spirit of God. Most do not understand much about this. This sermon will explain the differences and point out Scriptures which are rendered ambiguously in some translations.

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Why Will God Punish America?

The Bible speaks in no uncertain terms about America’s future defeat in war, and it gives us many reasons as to why God is extremely angry with the USA, as well as other nations. We will see in this sermon why the ancient House of Israel went into captivity. We will also show that America, which is called modern Sodom in the Bible, commits the same sins today, without any real hope for repentance and change.

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How to Stop ISIS!

The murderous and abominable activities of the terrorist group, ISIS, are deeply troublesome. What are the solutions dealing with this depraved, ungodly and demonically inspired group of people? Does the Bible give us answers? Indeed it does, but are we willing to listen? We offer our free booklet, “Should You Fight in War?”

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What Language Did Jesus Speak?

During Pope Francis’ recent trip to Israel, an exchange occurred between him and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the language which Jesus spoke. While Netanyahu claimed that Jesus spoke Hebrew, Francis responded that He spoke in Aramaic. Netanyahu replied that “He spoke Aramaic, but He knew Hebrew.” Could neither the pope nor Netanyahu be right? What does the Bible say?

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