California’s Ongoing Persecution of Churches

Unconstitutional governmental restrictions in California, pertaining to Church services, are violating our religious liberties and freedoms and oppose the commands and injunctions of Almighty God. Some politicians, Church members and faith leaders are decrying Governor Gavin Newsom’s ban on singing in houses of worship, while others don’t seem to understand or are puzzled and confused. So what are Christians supposed to do?

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Putin’s Russia—the Overlooked Threat to World Peace

Many don’t realize to what extent Russia is posing a threat to world peace; nor, that the Bible says that it will be involved in a nuclear war within the next few years. Vladimir Putin’s lies about the invasion of Poland and the beginning of World War II reveal a very dangerous mindset. So do his attempts to restrict and suppress online freedom of expression and his new hypersonic nuclear weapons.

The USA and Britain are failing… who will replace them?

“Foreign Policy” wrote recently that the era of Washington’s unilateralism is over; but most do not recognize how much the worldwide influence of the USA and Great Britain has decreased. Who will play the most influential role on the world scene in the very near future? It is not China or Russia, as some feel. The true and surprising answer can be found in your Bible.

What’s Russia Up to?

What does the Bible say about the future of Russia and its relationship to other nations, including Ukraine, North Korea, the USA and the EU? How do current developments, including in Serbia and Venezuela, indicate to us that prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes?

Frightening Results and Consequences of Midterm Elections

With the Democrats controlling the House and the Republicans the Senate, legislative gridlock is the inevitable consequence. This division is mirrored by the mood in the country. Europeans are very concerned as to what President Trump will do, expecting him to focus mainly on foreign politics for which he does not need congressional approval. And so, Europe is reacting militarily. All of this is in fulfillment of biblical prophecy, as this program will show.

US Summits in Singapore and Canada—with Opposite and Frightening Prophetic Results

The diametrically opposite results of Donald Trump’s summits with US trading partners in Canada and with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Singapore show how prophecy is marching on… if we have eyes to see. The distinctions between America’s friends and allies and America’s enemies becomes increasingly blurred. Events are being set in motion right now which are not accidental, but which might determine your future—including your physical and spiritual survival.

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Merkel vs. Trump… No Love Lost!

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Washington in an attempt to persuade Donald Trump to change his mind on, among other things, imposing tariffs on European goods. Even though a decision was postponed for four weeks, “the German government is pessimistic about avoiding a trade war between the United States and Europe. The German-American relationship is in a profound crisis, hitting ‘ground zero,’ with disputes over the Iraq War in 2003 seeming trivial in comparison” (Handelsblatt, April 27). While the world is being admonished to “take Trump seriously” (Bild, April 27), Europe is anxious to “pull together unto a single unit” under French-German leadership (Der Spiegel, April 18), with a strong nucleus of EU countries (Politico, April 10) and with the perception that it must not allow itself to be blackmailed by Trump, as it constitutes “an economic power equal to the US” (Deutsche Welle, May 2).

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Hawaii’s Nuclear Alert Disaster–a Foretaste of Things to Come

“An emergency alert notification sent out on Saturday claiming a ‘ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii’ was a false alarm,” caused by an employee who “pushed the wrong button” from a “drop-down menu on a computer program.” Before a retraction was issued, much more went wrong, showing the complete incompetency of those responsible for the entire warning system. The “mayhem in Hawaii raised the specter of an accidental nuclear war,” leading to “global annihilation.” Many feel that the Trump administration has “heightened tensions and increased the risk of accidental calamity.” An example from bygone radio broadcast days shows that panic can ensue when the unimaginable appears to become reality. The sad truth is that the incident in Hawaii and subsequent developments in Japan are a foretaste of prophesied events which will cause “suffering beyond all imagination.”

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Brace Yourselves – The End is Near

The Bible is very clear stating that NO ONE knows the exact date of the return of Christ and the end of the world, yet there are many who try to predict exactly when that will be, to no avail.  The Bible, however, does say that we need to WATCH what is going on in the world and BE READY for Christ’s return, pointing out in several scriptures what we can expect to happen in the near future.  What does the Bible prophecy for this nation and the rest of the world? What is the TRUE way to peace?  What does God think about war and fighting? Who is the god of this world? What are the significant warnings that we MUST heed to if we want to be protected from the tumultuous events that are sure to take place in the not too distant future, based on Biblical prophecy?

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Will the UN Prevent World War III?

On September 19, 2017, President Trump addressed the UN and placed it on notice as to what the USA is prepared to do if the UN does not succeed. From its inception, the UN has been a failed body of competitive hostile nations. Listen to the report of an accredited journalist who attended the UN’s first conference in April of 1945 in San Francisco, and judge for yourself whether matters have greatly improved since then. The truth is, no human body will prevent World War III, but ultimately man will experience enduring peace. This program shows you why and how.

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