Trump’s Reelection Is Assured!

President Trump’s recent tweets regarding four young Democratic Congresswomen have created a lot of attention and speculation. Inaccurate conclusions were drawn, and only very few seem to understand what is actually happening here, and why Trump’s tweets and comments are contributing to his assured reelection in 2020. Apart from this, it is very clear from the Bible that Mr. Trump will stay in power, even though the statement of this fact could be misunderstood as well.

America’s Persecution of Churches

Do we realize that the left-liberal state and government-sponsored agenda, supporting same-sex marriages, gay and transgender people, has been causing increased persecution of churches and Christians, with no end in sight?  Do we understand that conservatives are jumping on the same bandwagon? Schools, pastors, church teachings and church functions are under attack as never before. But God does not approve, and the Bible speaks with authority on this issue.
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Modern Judaism and True Christianity

Jesus strongly condemned human traditions in Judaism which did away with the Law of God, including man-made Sabbath regulations, dishonoring parents and ritual washings. Today, it is not that much different. This program examines undue restrictions and liberal trends in modern Judaism, pertaining to the Sabbath, same sex marriages and transgender, which are all in total opposition to the Bible and true Christianity.

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