Is There No Solution to Violence and Mass Shootings?

Within the last few days, terrible mass shootings have occurred in the USA, and we also hear about more and more insane violent attacks throughout the world. Why is this happening, and has the Bible forewarned that those atrocities will take place in the last days?  Is there no hope and no solution? But if there is, what is it?

When, How And What Should We Hate?

Is there something like righteous and godly hatred? For a Christian, it may be difficult to see how “hate” could be a part of God’s character, because many feel erroneously that a Christian must never hate. However, David gives us several examples in the book of Psalms which show us what and how we should and must hate. This includes the command to stay away from people who want to tempt us and others to sin.

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Obeying Trump to Launch Nuclear Strike?

Adm. Scott Swift, the U.S. Pacific Fleet commander, said he would launch a nuclear attack against  a foreign country, if ordered by President Trump, stating that every member of the US military has sworn an oath to obey the Commander in Chief. This is the same reasoning which was employed by German officers for obeying Adolf Hitler. What is wrong with this rationale in the eyes of God and the Bible? Can a true Christian be a nationalist, defending his country, “whether right or wrong,” and fighting in his country’s wars?

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False Christianity and Blasphemous Abominations in our Societies

Pope Francis praises a former Italian foreign minister as a “forgotten great,” even though she is known for her active support of 10,000 abortions; British schoolchildren are asked to identify their gender by choosing from twenty “equally acceptable” options, such as bi-gender, tri-gender, Tomboy and Intersex; and the Bishop of Manchester refuses to block a play in a Church of England church by an award-winning Scottish transsexual, portraying Christ as a transgender woman and the queen of heaven. Where is the outcry over such abominations and blasphemies?

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Wrong Political Opinions and Your Reaction

US political candidates have begun their battle for the presidency, while uttering opinions which are totally opposed to the Holy Scriptures. What is your reaction when you hear those comments, or when you see how the nation is descending further and further into the abyss of lawlessness and ungodliness? Are you indifferent about it, thinking it does not matter? The Bible tells us unequivocally what are abominations in God’s eyes, and He pronounces severe punishment on such conduct. We are also clearly informed as to how we, as Christians, must behave when we are confronted with transgressions of God’s Law.

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