This Week in the News

For the first time, the Ebola virus has been found in pigs–outside monkeys. In some cases, the virus had jumped before from monkeys to humans.

In addition to this dangerous development for humans, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (a close friend of Vladimir Putin) met with Iran’s President Ahmadinejad. Even though this controversial meeting was allegedly “cool and tense,” the fact THAT Schroeder even met with Ahmadinejad is remarkable in itself. Iran has reportedly produced now enough enriched uranium to create an atomic weapon.

At the same time, German anti-Semitism amongst Muslims is on the rise. This is equally remarkable, as the Bible prophesies that Edom (Jacob’s brother, and Turkey in prophecy) will collaborate with end-time Europe, against Judah. The final European revival of the ancient Roman Empire is clearly in the making, which is also underscored by new plans for a unified European army.

While Europe and the USA are facing an ever grimmer-looking economic future, Germany and most European nations will revive financially, while it is doubtful that the USA will. However, in the process, a very dangerous charismatic European personage will arrive on the scene to give “hope” to people in despair. We should not forget that Hitler came to power at a time of great economic and political upheaval. We can expect something similar to happen in Europe in the near future.

In his first speech to Congress, President Obama described America “at the crossroads,” claiming that “the Day of Reckoning has arrived.”  And finally, ongoing fighting between Israel and Palestinians belies the hope that the war in Gaza is over.

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