This Week in the News

We begin with a selection of articles on Europe–including an alarming report on Europe’s secret nuclear weapons; a Russian plea for a European army; and the charge that the EU is escalating war in the Middle East, while Europe is anxious to please both sides. As Jews come to the rescue of Muslims in Europe–for fear that the EU might turn against Jews next–the Anglican church in the USA nominated a lesbian to the office of bishop, thereby angering headquarters in Britain.

We also note that Britain and France are at odds again–as they have been so many times during their turbulent history–but the latest feud might very well contribute to Britain’s likely decision to exit the EU. In addition, the USA might very well abandon Britain in the end.

We report on “wartime” President Obama’s acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize and his bewildering statements justifying war.

We quote an article on the return of the historical plague of syphilis in Britain and conclude with a special report on the summit in Copenhagen and the ongoing heated and sometimes mean-spirited controversy on “man-made global warming” or “climate change.” It is becoming obvious that Europe and the USA, as well as China, are drifting further and further apart on the issue–as one article’s headline reads: “Europe Turns on US and China Over Weak Emission Targets.”

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