This Week in the News

The controversy surrounding Greece’s problems continues, and even though some critics suggest that the euro will be abandoned, we can safely say, based on biblical prophecy, that this won’t happen. Several articles, quoted below, state quite categorically that the euro is here to stay, even though they do not conceal the fact that the euro is built on lies, and that some EU countries–especially Germany–will emerge within the EU, “calling the shots as Europe’s de facto lender”… and leader. 

At the same time, we see Germany’s current government in disarray, and the popularity of Germany’s recent “rising star”–Defense Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg–is diminishing. Time magazine informs us that “Germans are disgruntled.” Nevertheless, Germany has become the world’s third largest weapons dealer.

The sex scandal of the Roman Catholic Church is continuously widening. In a feeble attempt to counteract the charges, “the Vatican has rallied around the pontiff, claiming that ‘certain elements’ had launched a targeted campaign to discredit the Catholic Church.” This reaction was undermined by the statement of the chief exorcist of the Catholic Church, claiming that “the devil is in the Vatican.”

The British Telegraph wonders whether President Obama has reached the end of his road; other articles report that US-Israeli relations are at an all-time low; an article by the Sacramento Bee magnifies the incredible incompetence of U.S. governmental agencies; The Times warns of Putin’s desire for a resurging powerful Soviet Union; and media reports suggest that the USA and/or the EU will take military action against Iran with or without U.N. approval.

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