This Week in the News

A deadly incident still under investigation has resulted in worldwide condemnation of Israeli conduct against international activists. Israel’s actions have been described by the German press as a “human tragedy and a political catastrophe for Israel.”

Der Spiegel Online wrote on May 31: “Israeli commandos stormed the largest of the flotilla’s six ships in the early hours of Monday. The flotilla left Cyprus on Sunday and was carrying around 100 pro-Palestinian activists from the Free Gaza movement. The ships were heading for the Gaza Strip, which has been under an Israeli blockade since the Islamist movement Hamas took control in 2007, and were carrying around 10,000 tons of relief supplies, including wheelchairs and medical supplies. Israel had repeatedly warned that it would not allow the boats to reach the Gaza Strip.”

According to Deutsche Welle of May 31, the “flotilla was organized by several groups, including a Turkish human rights organization… The ships were in international waters 124 kilometers off the coast of Israel when they were intercepted by the Israeli Navy and boarded by commandos. Demonstrators on the ships clashed with the soldiers. The Israeli army said the demonstrators were armed with knives and clubs and that commandos opened fire after one person on the boat grabbed a weapon from a commando…”

In other news, the German government was caught totally by surprise when in an unprecedented move, German President Horst Koehler announced his resignation. This could not have come at a more inopportune time for Chancellor Angela Merkel.

At the same time, we see Europe expanding and moving ahead in business deals with other countries, and military expenditures and arms exports are on the rise.

We conclude with a piece regarding best-selling author Joel Richardson and his false prophecies about an “Islamic Antichrist,” while he is dismissing the biblically correct concept of the end-time emergence of a unified Europe. The article illustrates the lack of biblical understanding, popularized by deceived “scholars” who are being tossed to and fro by every wind of “news” events.

It is interesting that the Bible prophesied in the book of Revelation that ancient Rome would receive a deadly wound, but that the wound would be healed, and that all the world would be astonished and begin to “worship” the Roman revival. In the same way, the world will be surprised when it finally realizes that and how the last and final resurrection of the ancient Roman Empire–the EU and within it ten European core nations or groups of nations–will overcome the present financial and religious crises and become a most powerful economic, political, military and religious entity.

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