This Week in the News

We are reporting on Turkey’s ongoing dubious performance related to the tragic flotilla clash and the raising of the Turkish flag on the Temple Mount; the condemnation of Israeli politics through prominent Jews; Iran’s involvement in Gaza; and Saudi Arabia’s denial of their willingness to assist Israel in a potential strike against Iran.

In European news, warnings are being heard that even though there is no fear that the euro will disappear, there are concerns that the survival of Europe’s democracies may be in jeopardy, and that the German government might collapse.

The terrible war in Afghanistan will continue for sure and become even more violent and bloody, after vast mineral wealth has been discovered in the country.

Rumors continue that President Obama is really a Muslim; and we report on America’s incredible indebtedness to China.

Turning our attention to the ongoing oil spill, the U.S. government is contemplating action which will involve “transition costs” for the American people; and we observe a potential widening of a rift between the US and GB over the oil spill.

We publish an interesting news article, titled, “Gulf Oil Spill Disaster and Biblical Prophecy,” and quote, among others, the following statement: “.. there are global problems that tie our world together as never before – for better and for worse, and there are few simultaneous threats that compare to the financial, social and environmental issues we are facing today. We are living in a time when history cannot repeat itself, because we have never experienced anything like this before.”

While the Pope is sorry about the sex scandal in his church and among his clergy, he is absolutely opposed to any abandonment of celibacy, which is perceived as being largely responsible for the problems of the Catholic clergy. Der Spiegel discusses the incredible wealth of the Catholic Church and the largely unknown fact that the German government pays the church each year millions of euros. [Our new German AufPostenStehen program titled, “Das liebe Geld der Kirchen” (“The Dear Money of the Churches”), discusses this unique situation.]

The superstitious belief in witch doctors is high in Africa, and so is the superstitious belief in the “god of medicine” in the Western word, especially in America. But, for instance, indifferent doctors and hospitals are using far too much medical radiation for the identification of sicknesses of unsuspecting patients, thereby drastically increasing the risk of their patient’s cancer.

We conclude with articles warning about the end of the world through a space storm and large asteroids, which did damage this earth in the past. As the Independent wrote: “The next one can happen any time…”  In addition, we experienced this week several major earthquakes, including one in India (with a magnitude of 7.5), and several earthquakes and aftershocks in Southern California (including one with a magnitude of 5.7).

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