This Week in the News

We report on the devastating economic situation in the USA and around the world and quote warning voices that we might be “in the early stages of a third depression,” and that we ought to prepare for a “post US-dollar world.” The US Congress is about to enact sweeping financial legislation, which might have a serious negative effect on the US economy, and the US Supreme Court ruled that all Americans have a fundamental right to bear arms. While some applaud the decision as having confirmed constitutional rights, others warn of the inherent dangers of further violence in this country. At the same time, a proposed wide-ranging cybersecurity bill might severely limit constitutional rights of private citizens.

Over 850 Jewish rabbis issued a statement opposing the appointment of Jewish Elena Kagan as a new member of the U.S. Supreme Court, as they feel that she “turns traditional Judaism on its head.” Der Spiegel analyzes what may be behind President Obama’s appointment of David Petraeus as new commander in Afghanistan and concludes that the surprising appointment “holds unmistakable risks for Obama.”

Focusing on the G-20 meeting in Toronto, Canada, we report on the incredible waste of money spent on security and the inconsequential “decisions” which were reached at the summit. While the disagreement between the USA and Europe–and Germany in particular–is “set to continue,” President Obama’s performance at the summit has been characterized as “a setback on the global stage.”

We are reporting on Germany’s rocky election of their new President and the adverse consequences for the current German government, and point out that Turkey has begun to retaliate against Israel, and that we can expect further concerted action against the Jewish state.   

We are addressing religious confusion, including those who misinterpret the identity of the woman riding the beast in Revelation 17, and we show the scientific confusion of those who make the false claim that “the human foetus [fetus] cannot feel pain before 24 weeks,” concluding that “anaesthetics for the foetus are not needed when it is terminated.” In addition to this claim being outrageous, as the scientific evidence is such that babies in the mother’s womb do feel pain, at least between the eighth and twelfth week, and that a nine-week old baby resists being “terminated,” this horrible proposition also totally ignores the fact that abortion is murder.

We conclude with a report on the ongoing crisis of the Catholic Church and controversial action by the country of Belgium against the church.

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