This Week in the News

The euro is on the rise again–and Germany is becoming once again Europe’s growth locomotive. There is also revived talk of a core Europe led by Germany, and Der Spiegel reminisces on the miracle of Germany’s postwar reconstruction–pointing out that former Nazis had some part to play in that process. At the same time, it was revealed that East Germany was planning to attack and take over West Berlin–as late as one year before the Berlin Wall fell.

As Germany closes down a “radical” mosque in Hamburg, the German press questions the reasoning and timing of the action, but focuses also on the perceived need to step up Germany’s war against radical Islam.

Turning our attention to ongoing worldwide catastrophes, we are reporting on heavy flooding in Central Europe and Russia’s ongoing fight with its wildfires.

Focusing on the political leadership in the USA, we are concluding with articles on California’s move towards legalization of same-sex marriages and Michelle Obama’s “extravagant” vacationing in Spain.

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