This Week in the News

President Obama’s controversial statements about the right and the wisdom of Muslims to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York have angered and divided the nation even more. If the president’s motives were to propagate religious tolerance in this country, then he achieved the opposite. His hosting of a Ramadan dinner in the White House did not help, either–considering that he previously abandoned the National Day of Prayer. Following Mr. Obama’s statements and subsequent clarifications and re-clarifications, local opposition to the erection of mosques increased. One church in Florida announced that it will hold a “Koran-burning” on September 11. We are reporting about some interesting facts pertaining to Ramadan and Mr. Obama’s upbringing.

In addition, many Hispanics feel betrayed by Mr. Obama and his administration, as well as the Republican Party, due to perceived broken promises pertaining to immigration reform.

China is moving away from the U.S. dollar in lieu of the euro, and voices are being heard again reporting about and advocating a two-speed Europe under German leadership. Pat Buchanan warns that the USA, due to its mountainous debt and unreasonable spending on non-essential governmental workers in Washington D.C., is a nation on the way out.

Disagreements between President Obama and General David Petraeus regarding Afghanistan are surfacing. Die Tageszeitung wrote: “… The war in Afghanistan doesn’t just reveal the impotence of the Americans — It also shows the impotence of President Obama.'”

Former U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton warns that Israel might attack Iran within the month of August, even though he is skeptical that this will happen, and Haaretz speculates that Israel might attack Iran within a year, even without a green light from Washington. We are also reporting about Iraq’s uncertain future, following this week’s continuing withdrawal of American troops.

It was announced that a “new superbug from India could spread around the world — in part because of medical tourism — and scientists say there are almost no drugs to treat it.”

Russia’s wildfires are still burning out of control–notwithstanding the cover up by the Russian government–and the catastrophe in Pakistan has been described as unprecedented, with nationwide destruction reportedly eclipsing the scale of ruins witnessed in previous natural disasters, such as the Asian tsunami of 2004, the 2008 earthquake in China and the earthquake in Haiti in January of 2010.

Bad news is just accelerating. Several major earthquakes struck this week, including near Jackson, Wyoming (4.3); in Sicily, Italy (4.5); in Ecuador (6.9); and in Guam (7.2).

We conclude with two articles by the German left-liberal magazine, Der Spiegel, testifying to the incredible lack of the upholding of Christian morals in that country.

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