This Week in the News

Americans have voted and changed Washington’s landscape for at least the next two years. Commentators are showing cautious optimism or predicting stalemate and failure. Some feel that not only President Obama and the Democratic Party, but also Washington are the big losers–and they warn that the American vote was not an approval of Republican politics, either. America’s future looks grimmer than ever, and Der Spiegel wonders whether the American dream is over, and America is now just a declining superpower. 

God is not on the minds of the American people, and the abominable Halloween celebrations show this most clearly. One of our articles discusses the surprising modern origin of this Satanic feast. We also point out that Mexico’s annual “Day of the Dead” celebrations have become grim reality.

Turning our attention to the recent bomb threats, stemming from terrorists in Yemen, observers explain that stringent security measures at international airports, as proposed by some, could lead to the end of world trade.

The ghost of the Lisbon Treaty is very much alive, and the agreement of EU leaders to amend the Treaty, thereby following German demands, could create more harm than good for a unified Europe. Politicians are trying to avoid with all costs the need for further referendums on the Treaty, realizing that many European citizens are becoming more and more frustrated with their weak European “leaders.” The time for the creation of a “core Europe” and a strong leader in Europe may arrive soon.

A landmark decision on military and nuclear cooperation between Britain and France may set the stage for the creation of a European army, but Britain may ultimately become the “odd man out.”

We are reporting on Britain’s shameful abortion policies and on Germany’s strong economic showing–noting however that most Germans don’t credit their government for the success–and we conclude with reports on pending disasters in Indonesia and Haiti, bringing vividly to mind Christ’s warnings about the beginning of sorrows in the end time (Matthew 24:7; Luke 21:11).

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