This Week in the News

We begin with an incredible and unprecedented breach of US security through the release of highly classified documents, and the resulting melt-down for the USA around the world is devastating. The reports picture the USA as a weak and irresponsible power, and whatever trust its allies might have had seems to have all but vanished (notwithstanding some political and unbelievable lip services to the contrary ). It should be obvious that the God of the Bible–the God and Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ–has turned His back on His people, as His people–from head to foot–have turned their back on Him.
A related article pictures the US citizens’ gradual loss of liberties and freedoms, referring to the fact that tax exemption can be denied for organizations which are not in accord with “established public policy principles”–as this vague term is conveniently defined.
The Bible prophesied these regrettable and devastating developments thousands of years ago. The warnings have always been there, but especially the USA and Great Britain have been refusing to heed them. We are beginning to reap the consequences. We pray that the reader will meditate on the following articles and recognize the signs of the time. The handwriting is on the wall. It is MUCH later than many would wish to think.
We also report on China and Russia–two superpowers which, like the proverbial leopards, do not change their spots–and we discuss at length the future of the EU and the euro. There is much confusion as to what the future holds for continental Europe, but the Bible has reported it in advance thousands of years ago.

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