This Week in the News

In this issue, we report on worldwide “crazy” weather conditions; President Obama’s “dangerous strategy” regarding WikiLeaks; the repeal of America’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy; and the U.S. ratification of the START treaty with Russia.

While many U.S. cities and some states are facing the distinct possibility of having to declare bankruptcy, Europe is battling with its own financial problems.

However, it is felt that the EU is not facing the same grim prospects as the USA, and while it is grudgingly admitted that Europe needs Germany, Germany and France block Bulgaria and Romania from joining Europe’s Schengen area; Britain is becoming more and more the “odd man out”; and the unpopular and lost Afghan war continues to receive negative media coverage in Germany.

A surprisingly strong stance by Germany’s parliamentary leader, pertaining to the right of homosexuals to adopt children, is angering liberals, and Britain is setting a dangerous precedence of persecuting Christians who happen to disagree with the homosexual lifestyle.

We are focusing on the terrible dictatorship in Belarus; the unsettling developments in the Middle East; and the endeavors of Europe’s far right to fight Islam. We are reporting on Japan’s dynamic defense policy; on frightening “advances” in the name of science; and on the Catholic Church’s wrong policy regarding the use of condoms.

We conclude with articles on the deadly time of Christmas and the misunderstood origins of that festival.

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