This Week in the News

We begin with reporting on America’s dire economic and unemployment situation, with little hope for improvement in sight. An alarming article on the fear of US farmers reminds us of frightening prophecies in the book of Leviticus, and while the dollar continues to slide, the euro is registering a sharp rise.

Europe’s “fight” with Islam is bound to continue, leading to the inevitable manifestation of politicians who will try to capitalize on the people’s feelings.

We continue reporting on Libya, Saudi Arabia and Egypt; addressing the present and future role of the USA and Europe in that part of the world; and mention biblical passages which shed light on the future of the Middle East; and we quote the result of a poll regarding this world’s most popular and least popular countries.

We conclude with articles on biblical “interpretation” in the light of a new Catholic translation, the concepts of “Ash Wednesday,” and an illusionary piece from the Huffington Post, discussing the question whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Even though the answer should be obvious, we also raise the real question which should have been addressed, but wasn’t.

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