This Week in the News

We begin reporting about Japan’s terrible earthquake and its consequences, including an ensuing nuclear crisis and a plagued economy. The political fallout can be felt around the world, including in Germany.

Voices warn us that a similar catastrophe could happen in the USA, and a scientific report claims that the American continent will be hit by a major earthquake during the month of March. California is especially mentioned as one of the most likely locations—others focus on the New Madrid fault in Missouri. We also note the eruption of volcanoes during the time of the Japanese earthquakes and aftershocks.

A thought-provoking analysis on Libya by Der Spiegel shows the dilemma the West is facing, with no real solutions in sight. More and more voices seem to advocate the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya, but especially Germany is reluctant to agree to it, fearing that it would be drawn again into another unpopular war. However, we note that ultimately Germany—not France—will be placed in the position of a powerful leader over a European army, destined to invade the Middle East.

We are also observing the ongoing violence in Bahrain, and the arrival of foreign troops in the country (especially those from Saudi-Arabia) might backfire and prompt Iran to become more involved.

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