This Week in the News

We begin focusing on events in the Middle East, including Egypt’s opening of the Gaza Strip’s main gateway and the accompanying potential dangers for Israel; the ongoing turmoil in Libya and the failure of the African Union to bring peace; the ongoing turmoil in Syria and Iran’s eager willingness to support the regime and provoke Germany; and the biting analysis of Britain’s Telegraph to the effect that no one cares in the Middle East what President Obama and the USA say.

We continue with reporting on the ugly side of the Afghan war and its astronomical costs for the US; and point out that the relationship between the USA and EU is in need of “redefining.” At the same time, Europe and especially Germany are unhappy with Baroness Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief, as she “does not have the power to portray Europe on the world stage,” and as she had “not spoken with one voice for Europe.”

We also remind our readership that slavery in civilized Europe is not necessarily a thing of the past; speak of the dangers of radiation in Japan and Germany’s controversial decision to abandon nuclear power; report on the outbreak of a deadly disease in Germany which might or might not have originated in Spain; focus on the network of tunnels under the city of Jerusalem; and conclude with the enigma of why our childhood memories are so selective.

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