This Week in the News

In this issue, we first focus on the USA and Canada, followed by the Middle East, with special emphasis on Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Syria. We continue reporting on Denmark’s controversial decision to reintroduce border controls, which the EU considers as being in violation of EU law, and show from an article in the Wall Street Journal that Germany is THE leader in Europe. At the same time, the article points out that Europe is expecting much more from Germany, including in regard to military action. We also speak of Greece’s loss of much of its sovereignty.

We also focus on the developments regarding the questionable allegations regarding Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the abominable and shameful way in which our legal system has been compromised, pointing out at the same time that none of this excuses his infidelity and adulterous conduct.

We conclude with a report on the death of Otto von Habsburg and a ridiculous piece by CNN, which asks the question as to what is wrong with eating dog meat. We provide the answer from the Bible.

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