This Week in the News

We begin reporting on Britain’s ongoing and ever-deepening “blagging” and bribery media scandal, and new staggering information is revealed almost on a daily basis.

We continue focusing on America’s debt crisis; the seemingly irreconcilable positions of the Democrats and the Republicans, which mainly seem to be dictated by political considerations; the pressure of the IMF on the USA; and the ongoing difficulties of Europe’s economy, with special emphasis on Italy and Spain.

Frustrated Egyptians still hope that their country may see true reforms; Iran continues to show its true colors of autocratic Islamic dictatorship; and the situation in Syria is escalating. Germany is busy selling its weapons all over the world, with the resulting paradox that in Libya, three hostile parties use German weapons to fight each other. Germany’s good qualities are so often misused for wrong purposes, and its misguided zeal might do more harm than good, as our report on the conviction of a UK bishop shows who denied aspects of the Holocaust.

We report on the German memorial service for the late Otto von Habsburg; speak about the controversy between Denmark and Germany; continue with a report of a most recent national poll showing that by now, most Americans approve of same-sex marriages; list another example as to why true Christians should not serve on a jury, and conclude with a report on famine and disease epidemics in Africa.

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