This Week in the News

We start reporting on the ongoing discussions pertaining to the US debt crisis, which has placed the USA in a very bad light across Europe. German papers don’t seem to differentiate between Republicans, Democrats or the Obama Administration, placing blame on all of them for playing with fire.

On the other hand, some Americans point out that President Obama’s threat to withhold social security payments appears to be tantamount to an idle and highly inappropriate threat.

A stunning article by the British paper, Express, predicts that a European anti-democratic superpower will be established very soon, while Britain won’t be part of it. At the same time, voices are being heard advocating Pope John Paul II to become the religious patron of a united Europe.

Celebrations occurred this week in Germany, remembering the failed attempt to kill Adolf Hitler. And in a seeming paradox, the right-wing anti-Muslim Austrian FPÖ party is engaged in activities and mediations in authoritarian Muslim countries, such as Libya and Syria; while the British media scandal widens and widens…

We report on famine in Somalia, and our last article reports on surprising topographic consequences of powerful earthquakes… and the Bible predicts that the past is just a small foretaste of what the future will bring.

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