This Week in the News

We begin with reporting on the victory of Vladimir Putin and the shameful reaction of Western powers; speak about Syria’s massive weapons of mass destruction in the light of ensuing chaos; address the growing confrontation between Israel and Iran with the increasing likelihood of an outright war in the region and beyond; report on Europe’s ambition to become a politically and militarily unified power bloc, under Germany’s leadership; speak of Germany’s Nazi presence AFTER World War II and America’s failure to efficiently deal with solving the lingering problems; and talk about the disgusting fact of America’s and Europe’s worldwide sales of weapons.

We continue reporting on the not-so-super U.S. Republicans’ “Super Tuesday” elections; address the controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh’s offensive and tasteless comments; warn of the real possibility of a major collision between an asteroid and the Earth, perhaps as early as February of 2013, as well as increasing solar activity; speak of horrible recommendations in Britain to kill newborn babies when, among other proposals, the mother’s “circumstances have changed and she no longer has the time, money or energy to care for” the child; speak of attacks on Christian actor Kirk Cameron for his expressed views on marriage and Britain’s discussion on same-sex marriages; and conclude with a medical article showing that the consumption of pork is hazardous to your health.

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