This Week in the News

We begin reporting on continuing nagging questions regarding the actual birthplace of President Obama and the shocking and incredible attempts of the mainstream media to hide the issue or misinform the public regarding it. We speak of the apparent willingness of the US President and his Republican challenger, as well as the two major parties, to trample all over the 10th Amendment; and congratulate a federal judge in New York for her courageous decision to declare a dangerous portion of the 2012 NDAA unconstitutional.

We address the question why Christians should be concerned about homosexuality; relate the inability of the Catholic Church to explain how someone could be saved without accepting Jesus Christ as personal Savior; and report on a major earthquake in Italy.

We conclude with articles pertaining to the G8 summit and the NATO summit and address the fact that the most important issues are not being solved, while the go ahead is given for a new controversial European missile shield, which will be partly hosted in Germany, provoking anger in Russia.

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