This Week in the News

We begin with reporting on biblically-relevant developments in Japan and Germany and continue with the ongoing controversy involving the definition and application of anti-Semitism, using as examples the recent controversial decision of the Wiesenthal Center and the discussion regarding circumcision.

Focusing on Israel and Egypt, we report on shifting standards and the rise of a new superstar in the state of Israel, and the outspoken condemnation of Israel’s policy through Egypt’s President Morsi, calling for force against “the Zionists”.

We are reporting on the debt crisis in Europe, which–according to most European politicians–has left the worst behind, while at the same time, mounting problems for the USA seem to be ever-increasing. As example, we present articles on the outbreak of a deadly flu, the terrible consequences of America’s recent drought, and the high unemployment rates and the incredibly weak job market.

We conclude with a lengthy section on the use of marijuana, while clarifying and elaborating in detail on the Church’s position in this regard.

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