This Week in the News

We begin with reporting on the world’s fascination with nuclear weapons and drone warfare; focus on the volatile situation and sectarian strife in Syria, Iran, Iraq and the entire Middle East, while showing Russia’s objectionable and potentially self-destructive policy; and report on what may become Turkey’s “Arab Spring.” We also report on growing tensions between Egypt and Germany.

We continue with an article about a conflict between the new Pope and the Vatican and the ongoing controversy over circumcision in Europe, leading to more and more public statements of anti-Semitic sentiments.

Turning to the USA, we report on the terrible debacle of Obamacare which will hit this country’s economy very hard, beginning with 2014; the growing scandal involving highly controversial conduct of the US Justice Department and the IRS; and the indiscriminate spying activities of the Obama Administration on potentially every American citizen.

While the Eurozone countries, under German and French leadership, are contemplating the creation of a full-time Euro President, Europe is being plagued by ongoing flooding of perhaps unparalleled proportions. One may wonder whether God is beginning to warn Europeans through natural disasters of the terrible times ahead of them, due, in part, to their own making.

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