This Week in the News

We report on the ongoing deteriorating relationship between Israel and its Western allies, especially the USA and Europe, and the danger of Israel’s total isolation. We also report on Glenn Beck’s stunning recognition that the American people are in fact part of the lost tribes of the house of Israel.

We report on developments in Egypt and America’s failed diplomacy; and developments in Iran and America’s icy relationship with Russia. We then focus once again on the ongoing NSA spying scandal and its fallout in Germany, which might even jeopardize Angela Merkel’s re-election in September—even though her challenger does not seem to be a valid alternative for many Germans. In any event, trust of the American and German people in their governments is reaching a low level, which is unparalleled in recent history.

We address the century-long and recently rejuvenated dispute between Britain and Spain over Gibraltar—one of the “doors” promised to the modern nations of the house of Israel and especially the modern descendants of Joseph—Ephraim and Manasseh. Another hotly debated issue are the British-controlled Falkland Islands, which Argentina claims to be theirs.

We report that Europe’s recession seems to be over; and we address intriguing and troubling subjects such as “near-death experiences”; California’s decision regarding transgender children; a decision of a Texas court regarding cloned horses; and worsening fires in the USA.

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