This Week in the News

We report on the volatile situation in Egypt and the different positions taken by the USA, Europe and Israel; and the Middle Eastern respect for Europe.

We are focusing on Lebanon as a new battle ground in the Middle East; America’s culpability of creating the Iran of today; and worldwide terror warnings, especially for Jews, in coming weeks.

We are speaking of Germany’s sad European leadership regarding the determination of gender; an appalling law in California and New Jersey banning therapy that tries to change a minor’s sexual orientation; former Marijuana enthusiast Barack’s Obama’s fight against medical weed; the incredible scope of NSA’s spying activities and the controversial sentencing of Bradley Manning.

We continue reporting on Britain’s latest scandal dealing with the government’s actions towards the Guardian newspaper and the detention of David Miranda at the Heathrow airport under the disguise of a law against terrorism; and address former Pope Benedict’s explanations as to why he resigned.

We conclude with reports on radioactive water leaks at Japan’s nuclear plant in Fukushima; flooding in certain parts of the world; and the mysterious deaths of numerous dolphins from New York to Virginia.

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