This Week in the News

Revelations about America’s worldwide spying activities do not stop, and now, high-ranking governmental officials and President Obama himself are in the limelight of criticism. The German press is already speaking of Obamagate, and the US President’s reputation among world leaders and even the world population as a whole has been severely damaged. The explanations, denials and admissions of the White House and some NSA officials are contradictory and leave little doubt that America is not going to recover from this most recent scandal. The fact that high-ranking US politicians justify America’s spying activities is not helping either.

In other news, we are reporting on the real dangers of “accidental” detonations of America’s nuclear weapons; another earthquake in Japan near the Fukushima nuclear site; Iran’s progressing nuclear weapons program; the attack on religious freedom in the USA; and new deadlines for Obamacare’s individual mandate requirements; as well as Halloween.

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