This Week in the News

We begin with America’s ongoing involvement in Iraq and the reaction of some Iraqi Christians, and focus on the brutal murder of three Israeli teenagers through, what appears to be, terrorists from the Hamas group. Israel’s expected response will most likely create a new round of bloodshed and war in the region.

Turning our attention to some weird and incredible developments on the religious front in the USA and worldwide, we speak of the US military’s “enforcement” of Ramadan; religious persecution and restrictions of parental rights through the US government with the approval of the US Supreme Court; strict and at the same time inconsistent Sabbath laws in Israel; an attempt in Germany to bring Christianity, Judaism and Islam into one and the same “house”; comments by the pope claiming that Communism is closest to original Christianity; and the Hollywood-propagated utterly false idea of a secret rapture.

Focusing on events in Europe, we speak of the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker to the top post of the EU and David Cameron’s devastating defeat  in the process.  We reveal little-known facts about Mr. Juncker and quote from a biting British article pertaining to Angela Merkel, which has caused quite a stir in Germany. It has also been observed that a rift between the UK and Germany (as well as most of the rest of Europe) has been created, and that the UK finds itself in a very isolated position.

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